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Now we are going to look at the testimony of Will Fritz pertaining to Jack Ruby.

Mr. BALL. When you left, or after Ruby shot Oswald, he was taken upstairs, wasn't he?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir; he was. He was first carried into the Jail office, you mean Ruby?
Mr. BALL. Ruby, when Ruby shot Oswald?
Mr. FRITZ. Oswald was carried into the jail office and put on the floor there. Ruby was brought into the jail office. Now I believe that Ruby was brought into the jail office after Oswald, I believe Oswald was already on the floor or behind there because I know the officers had taken Ruby upstairs went behind me and I saw them pass behind me with him to the jail. 

First, note that Fritz said that Oswald was brought into the jail ahead of Ruby. That surprises me. I find it very hard to believe. Remember how it was when we last saw them together.

So, at this point in time, the pack of Penguins is off with "Ruby". Leavelle still has his focus on them. He hasn't begun to look at Oswald yet. He is still handcuffed to Oswald. There is no plan formulated yet about what to do with Oswald. It would seem to me that the first thing would be to make an appraisal of his condition, as in: Is he alive or dead? Is he breathing? Is his heart beating? Is he conscious or unconscious? Is he responsive? Doesn't that take time? Why would you even think about picking him up before determining those things? 

Then, I would think that Leavelle would remove the handcuffs. They weren't needed any more, and they were restrictive. Wouldn't he be better able to carry Oswald if he wasn't handcuffed to him? 

Then, a decision had to be made about whether to move him, and if so, who would move him, and then how would they move him? What would be the best way to lift and support his body while moving him? Wouldn't there be some exchange about that with whomever was going to help him? 

And then, and this is very important, wouldn't they be extremely careful and deliberate about moving him? Speed was not an issue. There was no help waiting for Oswald inside the jail office. Moving him without causing him additional pain and without causing him any further trauma and bleeding was the priority. 

So, how in consideration of all that, did they get Oswald into the jail office ahead of "Ruby"? 

Mr. BALL. Did you talk to Ruby at that time?
Mr. FRITZ. No, sir; not at that time.
Mr. BALL. Later?
Mr. FRITZ. I talked to him later, probably an hour later. I guess I have the exact time here if you need it. 

So, now we are back to Discrepancy City.  Crady, Archer, and McMillon, the Manny, Moe, and Jack of detectives, all said that they stayed with Ruby up on the 5th floor until 3:30. Crady altered his original statement of 2:30 and made it 3:30. But, here we have Fritz saying that he talked to Ruby an hour after the shooting. But, that is impossible because we know that Fritz went to Parkland, and you can't tell me he left before Oswald's outcome was known. So, there is no way he spoke to Ruby an hour after the shooting. 

Mr. BALL. What did Ruby say to you, do you have the exact time?
Mr. FRITZ. Well, he told me, I told him, I, of course, wanted to know something about premeditation because I was thinking about the trial too and I told him I wanted to ask him some questions and he said, well, he first said, "I don't want to talk to you. I want to talk to my lawyers," and he said, I believe he told me too that he had been advised by a lawyer, and I asked him some other question and he said, "Now if you will level with me and you won't make me look like a fool in front of my lawyers I will talk to you."
I didn't ask him one way or the other, but I did ask him some questions and he told me that he shot him, told me that he was all torn up about the Presidential killing, that he felt terribly sorry for Mrs. Kennedy. He didn't want to see her to have to come back to Dallas for a trial, and a lot of other things like that.
Mr. BALL. Did you ask him how he got down to the jail?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes; I did.
Mr. BALL. What did he say?
Mr. FRITZ. He told me he came down that ramp from the outside. So I told him, I said, "No, you couldn't have come down that ramp because there would be an officer at the top and an officer at the bottom and you couldn't come down that ramp." He said, "I am not going to talk to you any more, I am not going to get into trouble," and he never talked to me any more about it.
Mr. BALL. Did you ever talk to him again?
Mr. FRITZ. I don't think I ever talked to him after that. I talked to him a little while then and I don't believe I ever talked to him after that. I asked him when he first decided to kill Oswald, and he didn't tell me that. He told me something else, talked about something else.
Mr. BALL. What was that time, you said you could give us the time?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir; I can give you the time. 3:05.
Mr. BALL. What time?
Mr. FRITZ. 3:05.
Mr. BALL. 3:05 in the afternoon?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir. 

Alright, so it was 3:05 which was a lot more than an hour later. But, it's almost half an hour prior to the 3:30 time given by the others. So, who is right? Who knows? They are all a bunch of liars. Fritz lied about Oswald's alibi, claiming that Oswald said he was eating with other employees during the shooting. But, in this case, not being able to think of a reason why he would lie about this, and presuming that he referred to some written record, I am going to take 3:05 as accurate. So that would make the time that Boyd and Sims were in the hall with Ruby going into his office to be right about 3:00. And it means that Manny, Moe, and Jack were off by 25 minutes. 

And then Fritz disputed that Ruby came down the Main Street ramp? And that was because Vaughn was at the top of the ramp and another officer was at the bottom who would have stopped him? What a faker and a phony. Ruby was deliberately allowed to enter; no one was going to stop him;  in fact, they held up the show waiting for him to arrive. Ruby showed up; they pounced upon him; and then they scurried him away and got him up to the 5th floor. Then, the dog and pony show with Bookhout took place. And then, they must have brought Ruby back down just to be filmed. And again I am going to remind you of the tremendous problem we have of Ruby wearing no jacket. He was wearing a jacket, and he was cuffed as soon as he was brought into the jail office. So, how could he be seen here handcuffed with no jacket?  

If you watch the WFAA Footage starting at 25:40, you see that there is a break in the film. And when it starts up again, you know it's later. It can't be immediately after the shooting because there are too many men there, and there are reporters there too, which they didn't allow in right away. Remember, the Keeper of the Door? He closed it. Keep out! Plus, by this point, you get the definite sense that the pandemonium has long been over.

Ruby is just an afterthought at this point. Nobody is paying him any mind. Most don't notice him at all as he's led by. All the attention is on Oswald at this point, whom we can't see. 

Now, let's be crystal about something: They dragged Ruby into the jail office and pushed him down to the floor, and McMillon immediately applied his handcuffs to him. It is RIDICULOUS to think that they helped him out of his jacket first. But, once the handcuffs were on, he couldn't possibly take his jacket off, with or without help. So, how did he wind up like this?

At 26:35, you hear the correspondent say that they are taking him "back" upstairs. BACK upstairs. But, Oswald was not upstairs. As you listen to it, it sounds like the correspondent is confused, and perhaps he was mistaking Ruby for Oswald. But, it's likely that someone told him, that "they are taking him BACK upstairs." Then we get to one of those veil shots.

 And then after that, we see Ruby again at the elevator, and it looks like he's got a jacket on. 

Do you, or do you not, see that his back is black? Whalah! He's got a jacket on. So, it went from this:

to this:

to this:

So, what really happened? Most likely, McMillan, Archer, and Crady took Ruby up to the 5th floor after his arrest, and there they didn't change him out of his clothes- as they claimed. They just removed his jacket, and they had to remove his handcuffs to do that. And then they put his handcuffs back on, and at the appropriate time, they brought him back down to the jail office just to parade him around so that he would be seen and captured on film there soon after the spectacle in the garage with Bookhout. This was the bait and switch. This was how they inserted the real Jack Ruby into the story. 

Finally, concerning Fritz and Ruby:

Mr. BALL. Did you ever talk to him again?
Mr. FRITZ. I don't think I ever talked to him after that. I talked to him a little while then and I don't believe I ever talked to him after that.

So, unlike Oswald whom Fritz interrogated numerous times, Ruby was only questioned once by Fritz: at 3:05 that afternoon. And that seems strange too. Of course, we know that the very next day Ruby was "successfully" transferred to the County Jail, so maybe that's a reason why. 

But, this appearance of Ruby in the jail office post-shooting without his jacket is proof-positive that they had already taken him somewhere, removed his cuffs, removed his jacket, put his cuffs back on, and then brought him back down. And there can be no disputing that. 

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