Friday, October 13, 2017

Jim Bookhout receiving but not responding to my mailing is powerful evidence that I am right. I sent him the image of the tall figure that people are claiming is James Bookhout, and I asked him to confirm it.

He didn't confim it, and there can be only one reason why he didn't: because that's not his father. If it was his father, at this point in time, he surely would have confirmed it. The way things have advanced, he certainly would have wanted to put a stop to it by saying that's his father. But, he couldn't and he didn't.

And likewise, if this isn't his father, he surely would have said so.

Again, at this point in time, there is no reason not to. But, he didn't, and I'm sure it's because he could not honestly say that that is not his father. 

So, I am taking Jim Bookhout's non-response as a powerful indicator that I have been right all along.  And truthfully, I think it's almost as good as my having gotten the response that I wanted from him. 

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