Thursday, October 12, 2017

Peter Michael Ketchem, a former NIST computer engineer, has gone public in his denunciation of the NIST reports on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. 

"It was not a sincere and genuine study." 

"It became increasingly obvious to me that all three of those towers came down due to controlled demolitions." 

"Steel-framed Building 7 was heavily built, and there is no reason to expect modest fires to take it down."

What is amazing to me is that when the put the long Sunder up to defend their report, NIST actually had him say that they discovered a "new phenomenon" that fires could cause steel-framed buildings to collapse.  A new phenomenon? 

Ketcham goes on to compare Sunder's explanation to a Rube Goldberg device. Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who was famous for coming up with ridiculous complex machines to accomplish simple actions, like opening a door. 

Then, Ketcham accuses NIST of outright lying with their animation of the collapse of Building 7. It's like they forgot that we have footage of how it collapsed. We can see how it collapsed, and it's not the way their animation showed it.

Ketham points out that NIST only claimed to investigate collapse initiation. After that, they said the building just fell, as if it was a foregone conclusion that, once started, it would collapse completely, straight down into its own footprint. 

Peter Ketcham: "Asymmetric damage does not led to symmetric collapse."

You have to watch this because it is powerful; it does damage.

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