Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A message from Amy Joyce:


I remember when I posted in the forum or told you that I couldn't see a gun flash in any of the films and you responded with the screen shot of DVP's doing, a newsreel frame with the gun flash.  How it could be in one or more (actually most Newsreels) and not others didn't occur to me at the time.  If it had been the same situation, only in a newsreel of JFK getting shot, I wonder how people would react.  As you have shown with Lovelady, this was a regular practice- to falsify images.  

In the newsreel when the freeze-frame Jackson look-alike pops up, announcer Ed Hurley says "Here is the shame of all America".  He was right;  it was shame of all America alright, in regard to Oswald's murder - that the powers that be in 1963 falsified the story and got the media to lie about the events as they occurred, forever destroying innocent lives while protecting the guilty.   


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