Monday, August 28, 2017

People have claimed that that weirdness there represents an object that "Ruby" was clutching when he shot Oswald. But, that is ridiculous. It is no part of the official story. It isn't even plausible that he was holding something. Why? Why would he do that? So, what is it? Who knows? It's a manipulated, altered image. Nobody could duplicate it- with or without clutching something. You couldn't make an image that looked like that, not by posing someone. So, when they manipulated that, what were they going for? What were they suggesting? I think they were concerned about Ruby's pinkie ring, and they wanted to get that pinkie out of view so that they could claim there was a ring on it, even though we can't see it. Why they settled on that weird thing, why they thought it looked good, I can't tell you because it doesn't look good. It looks weird.  

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