Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's interesting that there are almost no references to Jack Ruby's height. The only one I have found, so far, is John Armstrong, who reported that Ruby was 5' 8 1/2".  In contrast, there are lots of references to Oswald's height. Oswald was 5'9", and there is no doubt about it. You can even see him standing on a height ledger which shows it at the New Orleans P.D. However, some of his military records and his passport from when he went to Russia show him as being 5'11". The Oswald of fame was definitely 5'9".

I am going to have to ask John Armstrong how he learned that Ruby was 5' 8 1/2". But, we can confirm it ourselves by comparing Ruby to Oswald in reference to another known measure: Detective Elmer Boyd who was over 6 feet, 6'2", I believe.

  Oswald was leaning forward there, reducing his height, but he went up to about Boyd's eyes. Boyd is on his left, our right. 
And it's about the same. So Ruby and Oswald were very close in height. A half-inch difference would be hard to detect unless they were standing right next to each other, which of course we don't have. 

So, Ruby was indeed 5' 8 1/2" as John Armstrong, a very reliable researcher, reported. So, how tall was the garage shooter?

Last night, I posted this image.

The Garage Shooter was short: strikingly short. He was shorter than Will Fritz, and I don't think Fritz was more than 5'7". Of course, I am talking about the guy wielding the gun who rushed Oswald and fired. I am not talking about the taller man who has also been called Ruby.

It is preposterous to claim that those dark spheres around his eyes are shadow since there is no object that could cast such a shadow. A shadow, in the main, takes the shape of the object that casts it. So, what object could be casting that shadow? There is none. They look like sunglasses, but they were probably added to the image. Why would he need to wear sunglasses in that situation? But, my point right now is that he is too tall to be the Garage Shooter. And I have a feeling that even Denis Morrissette would agree, that this guy was not Ruby, since Denis was willing to scuttle the Friday afternoon sighting of Ruby at the P.D. But, let's look at some images of the short Garage Shooter.

The Beers photo certainly lends support to the Garage Shooter being uniquely short in that garage.

Likewise, the Jackson photo supports his diminutive stature. 

This comparison to Jim Leavelle supports it, and Leavelle was not among the taller cops.

This one too lends support.

 I could keep going, but we'll leave it at that. The Garage Shooter was conspicuously short, decidedly short, and uniquely short among the men in that garage. Jack Ruby was of average height and would not have stood out that way- the way this man stands out in that crowd. 

And this is something that should have been observed and recognized by everyone at the time, and especially by Jack Ruby's lawyers and his family. This, by itself, exonerates Jack Ruby. And it is something that cannot be rationally denied, which is to say that no one could come up with a rational reason for denying it. Anyone can deny anything just by flapping lips or hitting keys on a keyboard. But, that does not constitute a rational denial. Rather, it's just a stubborn, obstinate, arrogant, bullying denial. That's what punks do. Then, there's the wisecracks and sick jokes treatment. That's what pinks do. But, none of that matters. What matters is that we have clear, objective, concrete evidence that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby.  He is way behind Oswald in climbing out of the terrible hole he was thrown into. But, at least now, he's moving. 

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