Thursday, August 17, 2017

Amy, we need to ask ourselves: why did Bookhout, upon being released, go down to the jail office and follow Oswald's stretcher out? I think he was thinking ahead to his cover story, and he knew he would be asked. So, he was going to say that he remained in Fritz office during the jail transfer (without ever providing a reason why) but then when the news arrived of the shooting, he went down there, and it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Here's his testimony: 

Mr. BOOKHOUT -  Shortly thereafter he (Oswald) was taken out of the homicide and robbery bureau. I remained in the homicide office. 
Mr. STERN - Did you see him again? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Next time I saw him was after a report came out over the intercom system for any homicide and robbery officers to report to the city hall basement. I proceeded to the basement after learning from Lieutenant Baker in the homicide and robbery bureau, who had made a telephone call to the dispatcher to inquire what was going on, that Oswald had been shot.
When I arrived in the basement I asked where was Oswald, and they said that he was in the jail office. I asked who had shot him, and I was told an individual by the name of Jack Ruby. I asked where he was. They said, they have already taken him up to the jail. (5th floor) 
Mr. STERN - Fine. 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Just shortly thereafter the ambulance came, and I observed them roll Oswald out of the jail office on the stretcher and that is the last---- 

So, notice that Bookhout just said that he remained in the homicide office during the jail transfer, without providing a reason or an activity that he was doing there, and Stern did not question him about it.

So, that's Bookhout's alibi for not being present at the shooting, but it's weak. It wasn't his office, so he had nothing to do there. And if he was involved in, say, sending something to the FBI, why didn't he say so? And since Bookhout didn't proffer any activity, no one has the right to invent him one. When you look at the way Bookhout doggedly attended everything Oswald did, it makes no sense for him not to attend the jail transfer. And especially realizing that the national press was filling that garage like pilgrims at Mecca, why wouldn't Bookhout go down and watch it, especially when he apparently had nothing else to do? 

It's obvious that that was all a lie, that Bookhout was there, and he was there as the garage shooter.


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