Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anybody know anything about guns, particularly revolvers? Do you realize that there is no practical way to fire a revolver with your middle finger? What would you do with your index finger?  Extend it along the barrel? But, that would reach the cylinder gap, which means that all those hot gases and lead would explode out and hit it. They tell you all the time at firearm safety classes to keep your fingers back. So, what would be the alternative? To flex your index finger? To bunch it up? But, that would interfere with your grip. You want the heel of your hand to have a tight, firm, snug, sealed, airless grip around the grip of the gun. That's what gives you control of the shot and control of the recoil. And look how far "Ruby's" middle finger is extended. It's the first distal joint that engages the trigger. So, why is his trigger finger sticking out so far? This whole thing is ridiculous. You can't tell me a shot was fired like that.

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