Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sparta is now claiming to know that Oswald was making a defiant, belligerent gesture here, that it's the symbol of Communism, like he is declaring war on America. 

That is insane, and he has no right to claim it. Oswald never said any such thing. This was to reporters, and his only message to them was that he was innocent- not that he killed Kennedy as an agent of Communism.

Sparta even admitted that "that's not something that an innocent person would do." And I agree. But likewise, it's not something that a person claiming to be innocent would do, and Oswald did claim to be innocent. 

So, even if you think Oswald was guilty (which is now ridiculous) he claimed to be innocent, and therefore, he would act like an innocent person. He wasn't an idiot. He wouldn't do such a stupid thing as that.

Oswald mentioned to the reporters that "they're taking me in because I lived in the Soviet Union." But, he didn't pitch Communism to them. And, the cops asked him about his involvement with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, but if they hadn't mentioned it to him, do you think he would have mentioned it to them? Why? What for? Look: he was innocent. His case and his message was that he did not own a rifle, and he was not up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. And his politics had nothing to do with that. His politics was irrelevant to it. So, he had no reason to bring it up, and he wouldn't have. He didn't. They did. And making a defiant, belligerent, warlike gesture to the press was something he never would have done. Again, he wasn't an idiot. He was 10x smarter than Sparta.

So, let's look at it again:

It was accompanied by no statement concerning Communism, and the ONLY thing he was defiant about were the charges against him. "I didn't shoot anybody. I emphatically deny these charges." Etc. Now, what is he doing there? He is displaying to the press that he is in handcuffs. Notice that he is stretching the chain, to give it the greatest visibility. The fact that he's making a fist with his hands? So what? He has to do something with them. If he left his fingers open, it would be distracting. He's trying to show off the handcuffs, not his hands. So, he makes his hands as small as he can. And look at the expression on his face. Does he look defiant? Does he look belligerent? Does he look combative? Does he look like Floyd Mayweather or Conor Mcgregor at a faceoff? No! To me, he just looks demonstrative. 

Fact: Oswald never brought up Communism to the press, and his message to them was that he was innocent and that he wanted a lawyer, and the Dallas Police would not let him have one. He vaunted his innocence- not his idealism.  It is preposterous to claim that he was making a Communist gesture there. No one has the right to do it because there is no sufficient basis to do it.  We are dealing here with a demonstrative gesture. And what he was demonstrating was his restraints. To read more into it than that is baseless, stupid, and very malicious.  

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