Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Regarding Ruby talking to the police during the scuffle, saying things like, "You know me. I'm Jack Ruby", well how come none of the spectators heard it? How come none of them reported hearing the shooter speak? And if the speaker stated his name, then wouldn't they have heard that and knew it from that? "He said his name is Jack Ruby." How come we didn't hear the French guy say that? 

"He say his name is Jack Ruby, and I saw the flash on the black sweater."

And there is no visual indication of any talking going on. When people are talking, you can see their lips moving, and you can see them acting like they are talking. But, we see none of that. The reporters were just a few feet away, so if the shooter said something, don't you think they would have heard it? 

There is no good reason to believe it. It was only cops who claimed it. That is, the cops and Ruby himself. But, what that tells me is that Ruby got there early and had his scuffle with police separately. They hustled him away up to the 5th floor, and then did it again for the cameras, with Bookhout playing the role of Ruby. The footage in the garage only began a few minutes before the jail transfer, and the reporters were made to wait elsewhere. The shooter said nothing during the televised spectacle, and is that not our own experience when we watch it? So, why should we doubt it? If we don't hear him speak, and the reporters didn't hear him speak, then he didn't speak, and the Dallas Police lied. 

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