Saturday, August 19, 2017

I was reading an article about the rampant rise in obesity in America, and the following line jumped out at me: 

The average height for men increased from just over 5-foot-8 in 1960 to 5-9 in 2002.

Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2 ". In every sense of the word, he was of average height. But, the Garage Shooter, in a space packed with dozens of men was by far the shortest. 

Think about it: the Garage Shooter was the shortest man in that garage, and that is among dozens of men that we could see. He stood out for being the shortest. So, how could a man who was of average height be the shortest among dozens of men? It wasn't a gathering of basketball players.  

It is preposterous to think that that short man was 5' 8 1/2". He was obviously much shorter than that. And therefore, he could not possibly be Jack Ruby. 

This is very cut and dry, and the people who are fighting it know it. They just don't care. They spit on the truth. They spit on Kennedy. They spit on Oswald. They are vile and disgusting; they are sub-human. 

All Jack Ruby's lawyers had to do was look at the films and photos with a critical eye, and they would have seen right away that it was a different man. But, they didn't look at it with a critical eye. They saw the middle finger, and they made excuses for it. Did they even ask Ruby if he shot the gun with his middle finger? Of course, he had no memory of the shooting at all, so he couldn't tell them what finger he used.

Otherwise intelligent men acted very unintelligent about this. They acted blindly. They looked at the photos and they "saw" Jack Ruby. But, it was a mental seeing. They saw Jack Ruby even before they looked. They didn't inspect the image of him. Then Ruby's lawyers accepted that he did it even though he had no memory of doing it and no motive to do it and no plan to do it and no intention of doing it. One stupid lawyer of his thought it would be helpful to give Ruby a motive, and so he came up with the spare Jackie a trip to Dallas nonsense. They should have left it that he had no motive. 

Then, the State actually sought and got the death penalty. The death penalty? For killing a guy they were also determined to kill and had every expectation of killing? The death penalty when he wasn't even conscious of doing it? 

Why did his lawyers not question his guilt? They didn't question it because the reality of what happened was outside the scope of even their imagination. Another way of putting it is that they accepted it because they didn't have an alternative to it; not even conceptually. You know how we often say that the Man in the Doorway had to be Oswald or Lovelady. There wasn't a third employee who looked like them, and it's not reasonable to think that an unrelated spectator from the street would have taken that position at the top of the TSBD steps.  Well in this case, there was no Lovelady. The Garage Shooter, in the mental paradigm that prevailed, had to be Jack Ruby and there was no one else on the radar. To jump through the Looking Glass and ask, "What if the Police are lying?" was something they could not do. There was a mental wall blocking it.
They were grossly naive. 

But, today it's different. And the people who are fighting it today- the punks and pinks- they aren't naive at all; they're just rotten.

The reality that the Dallas Police and FBI killed Oswald and framed Ruby for it is the scariest story of official corruption that has ever occurred. It is a nightmare. But, it is also the truth.     

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