Monday, August 21, 2017

The Wizard has made the startling announcement that he believes that there are zero reliable images of Jack Ruby from the Midnight Press Conference.


My answer to your question has to be that there are zero reliable images of the real Ruby at the Midnight Press Conference. 

I have attached still frames of all of them but will do gifs later.

There are only four Ruby "press conference/assembly room" images. Apart from the recently unearthed footage of "Ruby" (Corridor Ruby) from the back following Wade out (Image D), we have only three, and they come in the form of film or videotape clips. 

RC: So, the Wizard is saying that he thinks that Ruby above is the same as this Ruby:

And he, of course, wasn't Jack Ruby, as even Denis Morrissette agrees.

Image A is Ruby amidst the reporters.

It is very short, and you see Ruby, with glasses, moving for a very few frames. The camera is close to Wade and looking back at Ruby. (CE 2424 is taken from this.)

RC: What I notice about the above image is that he looks very young. He does not look 52, which was Ruby's age. 

With Image B, the camera sweeps across the room, left to right, and catches half of Ruby's face (again with glasses) for a split second. He is semi-obscured by another person.

In Image C, from Ruby's right side, you see him without glasses. The film is of a still frame that suddenly moves. You get Ruby "moving" for one frame before it sweeps to the right, and the apparent movement of Ruby might just be the change in texture as it goes from still to moving picture.

It is the brevity of the images that arouses my suspicion.

As far as I know, that's it. I will keep looking but at present I don't know of any footage that shows either Ruby or that corner.

I'll return to this later. Thanks for your patience.

The Wizard

RC: I question why Ruby would be bent forward like that. Why? To see better? To hear better? How much could he gain by doing that? It seems like he would have just gotten closer. I already know that they put still images into movie frames because they put the 2nd Doorman into the Wiegman film after Oswald left for the lunch room. I will tell you that he looks like the real Ruby to me, but it may have been taken from somewhere else and inserted.  

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