Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Amy Joyce: 

The 2 clips of LHO being shot that are seen in newsreels are part from the "live" shooting and part from another unidentified cameraman from a different angle.  The fact that latter's cameraman is unknown is a different issue I'll get to later. 

We already knew the gun flash is fake but there is more proof.  Here are videos of the newsreel before they added those fake flashes.

When I compared the above to ones that have the fake flash, I noticed that LHO  (of all people) looks heavier.  I think it's because when the fake flash was added they also changed the aspect ratio.  

See attached and compare the freeze frame from a newsreel clip before it was changed (without flash) to the freeze frame from a newsreel clip after it was changed (with fake flash).  

I also attached an example of the difference between aspect ratios, before and after switching to widescreen.  Of course, if the gun flash(es) were there originally they would still be there.  

PS.  I downloaded those newsreels without the flash just in case they got removed. I also downloaded newsreels with the flash. 

Ralph Cinque:

Amy, there has been a lot of aspect ratio manipulation of JFK images. For instance, when they realized that the guy they used for Lovelady (in their fake video of Lovelady in the squad room) was too stocky and muscular, they slimmed him down by adjusting the aspect ratio, and to the extreme. 

The one on the right came first. That's the original image from the History Channel 2009 documentary "Three Shots That Changed America". But when they realized afterwards that Lovelady did not have an arm like an Olympic weightlifter, they slimmed him down to the image on the left by adjusting the aspect ratio. But, of course, he wasn't as gaunt as that, and nobody could have a head shaped like that. They really turned it into a cartoon. It's grotesque.  

But, it's the evil of it all that gets to me. Every time they do something like this, they are pumping more rounds into Kennedy and Oswald. 

I see what you mean about the absence of the muzzle flash in some versions of the Newsreel. And why shouldn't it be there if it's real? They take it to the point that Oswald is anguishing over being shot, which means that the shot has occurred, and so has the muzzle flash. So, there is no excuse for it not being there. 

I am going to put this up on McAdams' forum as well. 

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