Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sparta, once again, you are wrong. Many times, I have posted a comparison of 1963 Ruby and the Garage Shooter by the elevator with the detectives. 

They are NOT the same man. We can readily see that the face on the right was rounder than Ruby's face. His forehead was shorter than Ruby's. His neck was much shorter than Ruby's. His nose was much narrower than Ruby's, without the pyramidal shape that Ruby's had. And his head carriage was completely and totally different. Ruby, on the left, did an odd tweaking of the head into right lateral bending. He did it there for the Dallas PD, and he also did the next day for the Sheriff's Department, even more pronounced.

Meanwhile, the Garage Shooter by the Elevator had the exact same head carriage as Young Bookhout.

And no, Sparta. It is not true that the young Jack Ruby matches better.  You are absolutely unqualified and useless when it comes to making anatomical comparisons. 

And, you are also wrong in saying that shadow from the cowboy hat of the detective is being cast over the Shooter's eyes.

It's just his eyes that are black, so how could shadow from a hat cast shadow just over someone's eyes? Are you aware that objects cast shadows their own shape? 

You're just wrong, Sparta. You're wrong about everything. It's like you are askew with the whole universe. 

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