Thursday, August 24, 2017

OIC member Hugh O'Neill sent me a pdf of an article that appeared in the magazine Guns and Weapons, the Summer 1989 edition, called The Killing of Kennedy, and it references Oswald in the doorway.

It says in the caption that the image was taken immediately after the shooting, whereas, in reality, the shooting was still underway. But, this is another example of how Oswald in the doorway started immediately, as soon as the Altgens photo was seen by the public, and it continued all along until the present day. And of course, today, it is stronger and more prominent on the JFK scene than ever before, thanks to the OIC. 

But, this whole article is very good because it questions just about everything and really destroys the credibility of the Warren Report. The authors were Marcus Dobbs and Garry Coward-Williams.

It is in the form of a pdf, so I can't post it, but thank you kindly Hugh O'Neill. 

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