Thursday, August 24, 2017

OIC member Bernard Wilds from the UK sent this image of Oswald in cuffs just to represent what Oswald would look like if he was cuffed to himself in the garage.

Of course, the Jackson photo shows no such cuffs.

But notice how weird and different the cuff is that is supposedly connected to Leavelle. That is not a handcuff, and there is no reason to think that a handcuff would be imaged that way in a photo.

And why, if he was handcuffed to Leavlle, would Oswald have pulled his right hand over to the center of his body?

Look at the distance between Oswald's right hand, which is underneath his left hand in the center of his body, and Leavelle's left hand, which is in his pants. Do you think the chain was that long? Of course not. The whole thing was faked. Leavelle did NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants. It's just something they needed and put into the Jackson photo, their flagship image of the shooting, so then they had to fake it in the films, as you see above. 

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