Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jason Burke 

9:58 AM (42 minutes ago)

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Are you *honestly* trying to get your pants sued off, Ralph? 

Ralph Cinque:

Dr. Burke, with a PhD, is unaware that in the United States, there are no libel and slander laws pertaining to the dead. And the whole idea is ridiculous. We are talking here about an historical event that occurred over half a century ago. So, why can't I give my theory of the crime? Why should I be subject to a lawsuit for saying what I think about something that happened 53 years ago? 

Furthermore, I am NOT accusing James Bookhout of shooting Oswald. I am accusing him of pretend-shooting Oswald. And I am not suggesting that it was Bookhout's own scheme. Bookhout was just one of the actors in the spectacle, the idea for which probably came down from LBJ and Hoover. 

I don't claim to know who actually shot Oswald. I have no idea who it was. 

And speaking of that, do you realize how many books have been written accusing LBJ of killing Kennedy? The first appeared during LBJ's Presidency by J. Evetts Haley. The next was by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams, published in 1974, the year of LBJ's death. Then Bart's, then Phillip Nelson's two books, and then Roger Stone's. And those are just the ones I've read; there may be more. 
What about Bobby Baker? Did he write a book? I know that he publicly accused LBJ of killing Kennedy. 

But, how many of those authors have been sued by LBJ's estate? 

But, I say that that is exactly what we need in the year of Our Lord 2017: a civil law suit pertaining to the JFK assassination. I'm all for it. Imagine the headlines. Imagine the coverage. Let's get the JFK debate front and center, where it belongs. It's time for a showdown. I'm all for it. 

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