Thursday, August 24, 2017

I am putting his image up to defy the guy who goes by Sparta on McAdams' forum. He keeps referring to "blurry" images. Of course, they aren't blurry when HE looks at them and compares them but only when I do. But, I found this version of the Beers photo, and I want you to see that it isn't "blurry" at all.

That image is so clear, we can derive things from it. Notice how stiff the fingers of the shooter are on his left hand. Many have assumed that "Ruby" was holding a card of something, but look at it close.

No, he isn't holding anything, but how could he do that with this hand? Create an angle like that? I don't think he could. I can't. You try it. And if you do it, take a picture because if you just lip-flap it, you'll irritate me, and you don't want to irritate me. Why would he do that with his hand while shooting? Why would he do anything like that? 

This image is really high quality because even when you enlarge it, it retains details. Notice that ridiculous flap of hair hanging off the back of Oswald's head. That is not seen in any other image. Notice the impossibility of Graves not seeing "Ruby." And notice the ridiculous squiggly arm and hand of Leavelle going into Oswald's pants.  That obviously is a bit of art added to the photo- unless his arm got mangled. 

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