Friday, August 18, 2017

You spew nonsense, Sparta. All you do is demonstrate that anyone can hit any keys on the keyboard. The image of Young Bookhout is a spot-on match to the shooter by the elevator with the detectives, and if it goes to court, I'll bring in a geneticist and a gerontologist to say so. 

And you're wrong, Sparta. I often display, side by side, a photo of Ruby, circa 1963, and not just 1963 but November 24, 1963, with the Garage Shooter standing by the detectives all saying "cheese."  

So, we see the longer forehead on Ruby on the left, the pyramidal shaped nose in contrast to the pinched nose on the shooter, and then there is also the longer face on Ruby in contrast to the rounder face of the shooter. They are definitely different men.

Then you say that in the larger picture, it shows that shadow from the hat is casting shadow on his eye. That is ridiculous, Sparta. How can a hat cast a discreet round shadow? Don't you know that the shapes of shadows is determined by the shape of the object that casts them?

Clearly, there is no shadow being cast on Bookhout's eye by any hat. How dare you say such a thing? And you don't even show it. I'm the one who has to show it.

Sparta, you are so inept, so incompetent, and so willing to spew nonsense, I put you in the lowest echelon of shill: the kind the spews not just lies, but bold-faced lies. 

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