Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So, why did the American people ever accept the ridiculous, humongous hand in the Jackson photo? I can tell you why, and it's a very alarming reason. 

The reason why they accepted it is because of: mind control; the control of their minds, the people's minds. And in this case, the effect of the mind control was to cause them not to look at the hand; not to see it. They knew there was a hand there, but all they saw was the idea of it- not the actual hand.

When you look at that image, what you tend to hone in on is not the hand but the face; the face of Oswald. That's where your focus goes. The hand gets processed, but not examined. They just see it enough to know that it's there, and they don't think the least bit about whether it's real. 

There is a lot of discrimination that goes on in the visual process all the time. We don't "see" all the details of the things in our visual field. And what I mean is that the light strikes retina with all the detail, but from there, the optic disc turns into the optic nerve and takes the information back to the brain (and I do mean back because it's in the back of the brain that the visual center is located) and until the nerve signals arrive there, we don't "see" anything. And what you see depends not just on the optical and chemical processes, but on the mental ones. And if you start off with the thought that the government and its minions (in this case, the corporate media) would never lie to us; would never show us false, manipulated, altered images; and would never be involved in the commission of and the covering up of horrendous acts, such as murder, THAT VERY THOUGHT SHUTS DOWN SCRUTINY OF THE HAND. And that's why nobody questioned whether or how that humongous, freaky hand could be the hand of Oswald. 

But, things are different today. Just go on Youtube. There you find all kinds of videos which accuse the government of horrendous acts, and with media complicity. Never before have people trusted the government less then they do today. Never before have people been more receptive to "truther" ideas than they are today.

Look what happened after 9/11. The 9/11 truth movement EXPLODED onto the national scene. It took off like a rocket- much faster than the JFK truth movement did in 1963. Yes, you had people like Mark Lane and Vincent Salandria and Harold Weisberg who launched the resistance. But, they were just individuals, and there really was no mass movement behind them. But, 9/11 truth became a mass movement immediately. So, what's the difference? The difference is the difference between 1963 and 2001. 38 years. And the country changed.   

Of course, there are still Americans today who will refuse to look at this. They don't want to see it. They don't want to acknowledge the evil. There are also those who are employed, specifically, to fight this very thing. And really, anyone who works for the government, state or federal, or is in the military, or is employed by a big corporation, or is a teacher or professor, etc. has to keep their mouth shut. So, it comes down to: See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil. 

 And that is exactly what George Orwell said was going to happen, that Society would be organized in such a way that most people, out of self-interest, would do the bidding of Big Brother. 

Do you realize what is at stake here? It isn't just justice for Kennedy and Oswald. And it isn't just retribution against Johnson and Hoover and Dulles, etc. It's the preservation of the integrity and independence of your own mind. So, with that in mind, I ask you again, can you see the difference in the hands or not?

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