Monday, August 14, 2017

James Corbett

Aug 13 (9 hours ago)

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While I wouldn't recommend it, it is certainly possible to fire a handgun
with the middle finger. I have tried it and it is not difficult to do.
It's just a little on the awkward side. The index finger can simply be
placed above the trigger guard which is where it should be when one is not
ready to fire. 

Ralph Cinque:

What the hell are you saying????

So, my middle finger is pulling the trigger. And my index finger is just left along the barrel, ready to receive those hot gases that explode out of the cylinder gap. Placed above the trigger guard? What are you talking about? And it's more than a little awkward. Nobody with an intact hand would fire a gun that way, and Jack Ruby had an intact right hand. You are just being stupid, Corbett, you God-damn idiot.  

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