Saturday, August 26, 2017

Amy Joyce has collected some very important statements from individuals who reported that the basement and jail office were cleared of reporters before the shooting. I contend that they were cleared so that Dallas Police could have their scuffle with the real Jack Ruby, who arrived much earlier than 11:20. Once he was safely ensconced on the 5th floor, they could reopen the area for reporters and cameramen. 

Amy Joyce: 

Ralph, the following list is of people that were sent away either from the booking room or away from other areas of the basement.  I am not yet done with all of the reports and testimonies yet, so there may be more.  Some officers wrote 2 or more reports and testimony drags on.  I work on this project a little bit at a time when I get the chance.

I also remember that within other officer reports there was the occasional mention of clearing people out of the garage in order to search it.  I didn't make special note of it because at the time I assumed it was logical.  I have a note to check that when I review.  

Another thing, I KNOW that some/more press was asked to leave the garage before the Oswald transfer.  It's in one of the videos about the shooting and in a note somewhere.  I recall that tv announcer saying that they were asking when they would be allowed back in.                                  

Isadore Bleckman: About ten to fifteen minutes prior to OSWALD's appearance he said that he and other photographers and newsmen were all  told to vacate the Booking Room.  See link:  http://stevenwarranresearch.b -fbi-interviews-with-paul.html  

Davidson:  At about 10:00 am he was asked to leaved the jail office.  See attached.

In the video he says they were asked to leave "the area" just before shooting. I think this time he is referring to the Booking Room like Bleckman was.  See link: ?v=0dj7kzv5lAo  

Bieberdorf: "He advised he reported to the First Aid Office in the basement which is located immediately to the east of the Main Street ramp of the basement against the east wall of the building.  He advised he remained there until about 9:45 a.m. when an officer requested him to vacate the office and to leave the basement area." 

Why would they ask the doc to leave his office?

Combest:  Capt. Jones told some officers "to get all the newsman out of the jail office booking room.  He then cleared the passageway immediately outside the jail office" 

 ~I assume this refers to when Davidson and Bleckman were asked to leave the Booking Room.  I think this may be when they may have brought Ruby downstairs and into the booking room to make the switch after the shooting. 

Reserve officer McCoy Interesting tidbit from his report. “Two conferences were held by the regular officers in the parking area, but we were not asked to listen in or not told what was going on.  After these conferences, the regular officers left the basement area with shotguns.”

Cutchshaw WC testimony:  Testified that Captain Jones didn't want press or any other officers in the jail office except for those behind the desk.  He helped send people away and kept people from going in there. 

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