Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Thomas Tversted Fritz's lack of reaction has always wondered me. It's as if he knew Ruby was in the basement and started finishing the centuries biggest murder. The Dallas police were 100% in the murder and the blackmail afterwards. Think of the whole J.D. Tippit case. It smells of a conspiracy.
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Oswald Innocence Campaign It does, Thomas, but the thing is this: How could the Dallas Police be in a conspiracy WITH Ruby? They couldn't. They were going to arrest him afterwards, testify against him, which they all did. How could they possibly trust him to keep his mouth shut if they were trying to get him sentenced to death? It makes no sense. But, if that shooter was Bookhout, an FBI agent, and if they bamboozled Ruby into thinking that he did it, then he's got nothing on them. They don't have to worry about him revealing their involvement because he doesn't know about it. So, once you accept that the Dallas Police were involved, you have to concede that that shooter was not Jack Ruby.

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