Friday, August 25, 2017

Tell me something: How can a guy be wearing a ring and not wearing a ring at the same time?

And don't tell me there is a ring on the pinkie on the right but we just can't see it. And I've got news for you: there isn't even a ring on the pinkie on the left, at least, not a real one. There are 6 fingers on that hand.

Remember that the knuckle of the thumb is not in line with the knuckles of the fingers.  It's nowhere near it. So that has to be the index knuckle on the right. Then the prominent knuckle is the middle finger. And there is obviously enough room there for a ring finger and pinkie.

So, what is that extra ditty that I designated as P2? It's an extra pinkie. But I suspect that it's actually an extra ring finger because of the length of it. It's too long to be a pinkie. It's as long as the finger next to it. How could that be if it's a pinkie?

So, why did they do that? Why did they go to all that trouble? I can think of two reasons. The first is that Bookhout, apparently, had very small hands, whereas Ruby had average-size hands. So, it made the hand bigger. But second, since Ruby was wearing a ring, a ring is listed in his property invoice:

Here's what it says exactly: 1 Gants w/g ring with 3 clear stones.

Gant is the name of a line of men's clothing and accessories.

And, w/g I assume refers to white gold. 

So, think that there is a gold ring with 3 stones scrunched on his pinkie finger in that picture? Because I don't. And I'll tell you something else: that thumb is fake. I can see what the anatomy of that hand is. 

The thumb is tucked under. It's going down. And look at the wrist. You can see the margin of the wrist. And you can see the 1st metacarpal bone angling up from it. What's that extra ditty above the wrist? There's nothing above the wrist. That is totally bogus. That thumb was added on.

And anyone who disagrees can STFU and take out their camera. Duplicate the thing. If you think it's real, then duplicate it. 

So, the left hands in both Beers and Jackson were falsified.

It was very likely the same team that worked on the Altgens photo that worked on these photos. Neither one of those hands is anatomically possible. I dare anyone to try to duplicate either one. 

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