Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Here is another very important find by Amy Joyce. It turns out that the tall Sunglasses Ruby got his own WC exhibit.

So, they were pegging him as Jack Ruby all along, which is interesting. He's obviously not Ruby. Ruby didn't have those vertical creases in his face, producing the catcher's mitt effect. Ruby didn't have that hairline in back. Ruby's ear didn't look like that, and no human's does.

And, as you can see, Ruby's nose wasn't as lumpen and Roman as we are seeing on the left. Those noses are nothing alike. Why anyone would think that was Ruby is a mystery to me. I bet even Denis Morrissette would be willing to admit that that isn't Ruby. And just as sure is the fact that he was NOT the Garage Shooer who was a much shorter man with a round face and a short neck. 

And here's another weird thing: notice that the shooter is to the left of Blackie Harrison in the image above. But, in the other one, "Ruby" is behind him and to the right of him.

 Also, you can see Sassas, the Japanese guy there, who is closest to us. Seconds later, you can see the short shooter, and he is perched between Harrison and Sassas. 

So, Sunglasses Ruby, whoever he was, and Bookhout weren't even in the same spot. It is ridiculous to claim that they were the same man. 

This is NOT Jack Ruby, and who knows what the guy really looked like.

And no, that is not shadow over his eyes. Shadow is cast by objects: objects that are located between the source of light and the area of the shadow. And in general, shadows take the shape of the object that cast them. So, what object could possibly cast such spherical shadow around his eye? Of course, there is none, and it is childish to think otherwise. 

My take on this guy is that they didn't want to show Bookhout's face because he was Bookhout. But, they figured it would look suspicious if the shooter's face was never seen. So, they came up with this guy. I tell you, the guys who came up with this scheme were not rocket scientists.  

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