Sunday, August 13, 2017

INTO THE MYSTIC. This classic song by Van Morrison from 1970 has a huge following; you could say a cult following. Hours are spent debating what the song means. And Van Morrison has never been too explicit about it. It seems that he wants people to interpret it as they please. 

To me, the song is about death and facing death bravely and acceptingly. In mythology, death was often depicted as a boatman coming to get you. 

There is the foghorn, and he says he wants to hear it; that he doesn't want to fear it. And again, to me that speaks of death arriving. 

I wondered how many others interpreted the song that way, and in searching, I found this:  

"A long life friend passed away this September 11, 2014. Into the mystic was the song played. I didn't know the musical line-up of songs or speakers etc. when "Into The Mystic" began to play- I took out my cell phone out and began secretly recording the funeral. All I can say, this was one of the best songs I've ever heard playing at a funeral- gave me shivers.... I don't know the meaning of the song- but the part of going HOME and not fearing it said so much to me.. I do believe it is a song of living life until death departure." 

All seem to agree that the imagery, the allegory, and the music make this song soar. It is Van Morrison's masterpiece. 

Here is Paul's and my rendering of it, which I realize is a mere silhouette of what Van Morrison did. But still, we play it in tribute to him.

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