Thursday, August 24, 2017

Amy Joyce:  "In their reports. several officers (and Dr. Bieberdorf too) said that everyone (press AND officers) was cleared from the jail office at around 10:00 am."

Ralph Cinque: That is a very big thing to recognize. That's because shortly after that was when Ruby had his scuffle in the garage, where he vocalized, saying, "You know me; I'm Jack Ruby." Etc. We know very well that during the televised spectacle, no such talking happened. The Garage Shooter did NOT say anything. There is no evidence, aurally or visibly, of any talking on his part. We have the reference of Ruby citing, during his WC testimony,  10:15 as the time he was at WU. That would place him in the garage at 10:18. And that works out perfectly with what Amy found. 

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