Saturday, August 26, 2017

Here is what happens when you try to duplicate the left hand of the shooter in the Jackson photo. Notice that on me, the 1st metacarpal is continuous with the wrist. But, on "Ruby" it starts above the wrist in a separate line.

So on him, you see where the wrist is, and then beyond it and extending from it is the 1st metacarpal, but above it is a separate thing that is not continuous with the wrist. It is extra. IT is something that was put there. Again, look at me; then look at him; then at me; then at him. That is definitely artificial on the right. We are actually seeing his 1st metacarpal, arising just as it does on me. But then, his thumb is tucked under. Not over, but under. And the thumb we see above was added on. Nobody can duplicate that because it isn't real. It is not anatomically correct.   

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