Monday, August 21, 2017

If you don't think there is a problem with the Ruby images at the Dallas Police Department, you need to compare these two.

How in the name of the Immaculate Mother of God could they be the same man when the man on the left is obviously younger, and the man on the right is obviously older? Can't you see that the guy on the left has got a baby face; it's roundish. The man on the right has got a gaunt face, in comparison. And the man on the left obviously has much more hair and much longer hair. The man on the left mostly has his hair, that is, most all his hair, while the man on the right is mostly bald. The difference is stark and blatant. And look at their jackets. They are both black and white photos, but the jacket on the right is obviously light in color while the jacket on the left looks black. It's hard to imagine it being any blacker. So, does that mean that Jack Ruby changed his suit? It's physically possible, but is it likely? How many men change their suit from one to another over the course of a day? 

I have called this the Ruby nightmare collage because if they are the same man then our lives are a nightmare. It means that nothing is dependable and predictable in the physical universe, that anything can morph into anything at any time, and in spades.   

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