Monday, August 21, 2017

More from Amy Joyce. It is so obvious now that Jack Ruby was framed. 

I forgot this part:  

"I didn't even know I had done it.  I'm sorry I did it.  I embarrassed my country".

About the difference in the cops claims:  Oh yeah, definitely!  Absolutely I believe Ruby  - and I can prove those officer's lied under oath about what Ruby actually said.  Shit, I'm finding that those "I hope I killed him" and "I meant to shoot him three times" quotes weren't in the original police reports written by the cops personally.  

For instance it wasn't in Archer's first OR even second report that he wrote!  Also, in his second report he even states that he mentioned everything he can recall Ruby said afterward.  Then he lied to the WC and at the trial.  The same goes for Dean and McMillon. Lies lies lies! None of the first reports claimed that Ruby said any of that.   Ruby was remorseful and full of regret (I need to find a first report that says that). 

I'm still working on my list of lies. It's a long process as I have to analyze each DPD report, the FBI interviews, the trial testimony, and then the WC testimony.  But I will get there  :-)   Anger regarding this deception is a big motivator to continue.

I'm also convinced Tom Howard was in on it and that is just horrrrrrible.  There are now two officer's I found that saw him in the jail office at the time of the shooting.  My guess is that he planned to be there right away to tell JR that he must have done it, but now they have to work on getting him an easier sentence, "so claim distress at JFK's murder".  I suspect Howard told him that it must have gone the way the cops say because he doesn't remember and the cops are" his buddies".

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