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So, lets talk about the lack of Ruby wearing a jacket when shown
handcuffed in the jailhouse after Oswald was shot. You've stated on
numerous occasions that Ruby couldn't have been the shooter because he's
not wearing the jacket worn by the garage shooter, and there's no evidence
of it being removed iYoun the jail office by the Dallas police. Correct?

You also claim that this photo is actually James Bookhout, and it was
taken before they had a chance to hustle him out of the jailhouse and do
the bait and switch with Ruby.....

.....So, let me ask you this: What happened to Bookhout's jacket?
Certainly this photo was taken, as you said, before the police did the
bait and switch, so it was taken within minutes of the shooting. How can
this jacketless man be Bookhout if he was wearing a jacket during the
shooting, and there's no evidence (as you point out) of that jacket ever
being removed? Why is possible for Bookhout to have had his jacket removed
in the first few minutes of the shooting, but not possible for Jack Ruby
to have had his jacket removed?

You see Ralph, this is where your delusional theories fall apart. You
contradict yourself, and you don't even realize your doing it. You make
all these wild claims, with no real evidence to back them up, and they
fall apart when someone like myself interjects logic into the equation.
You claim that a photo like Bob Jackson's photo was forged, even though it
was impossible from a time and logistics standpoint for the forgery to
have ever taken place on the afternoon of 11/24/63.

I enjoy a good alternate history theory as much as anyone. But, if the
theory has no supporting evidence, no corroborating witnesses, nor can it
pass the logic smell test, then it gets dismissed. You're entire Ruby is
innocent theory falls into the dismissed category. As much as you like to
blow your own horn on this one, you really have no case. 

Ralph Cinque:

The dilemma you present is no problem at all for me. The image of Bookhout with Boyd, Sims, and Hall was taken on the 3rd floor, not in the jail office. We don't have an exact time for it, but we know (by his own admission, so it is not in dispute) that Bookhout followed Oswald's stretcher as it was rolled into the garage to the ambulance. Since that happened at 11:26 or so, the image by the 3rd floor elevator had to be taken before that. So, we're safe in saying that it was several minutes after the shooting. 

So, Bookhout was hustled into the jail office at 11:21, and he was wearing a jacket. What happened to him next was that he was handed off by the Penguins to the trio of Boyd, Sims, and Hall, who were apparently waiting for him. There is no reason to think that Bookhout was handcuffed in the jail house. Why would they do that? He was Bookhout, and they were not arresting him, so why would they do that? They wouldn't. They couldn't. They didn't. So, they took Bookhout, uncuffed, up to the 3rd floor. And that means that his jacket could have been taken off at any time. So, there is no impracticality at all for him being to be imaged without his jacket when he was.  

But, for Ruby, it's a very different matter. And keep in mind that we're dealing here with a story. If Ruby was dragged into the jail office from the garage at 11:21, and he was the man wearing the jacket that we saw, then he would most certainly have been handcuffed in his jacket. There is no claim otherwise. And once handcuffed, there would be no removing the jacket until the handcuffs came off. So for him, Ruby- not Bookhout but Ruby- the sight of him being escorted through the jail office in just a shirt and no jacket is a big huge problem. For Bookhout, it is no problem at all.

This isn't a double standard, and it is not a matter of arbitrary favoritism. Bookhout is NOT part of the story. He is not within the story. The story only concerns Ruby. That's why for Ruby to be imaged jacketless deals a death blow to the story. 

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