Sunday, August 13, 2017

OIC senior member Bernard Wilds made this collage, which involves a very good observation. Not only is the slapped hand way too big to be Oswald's, but so is the upper arm.

Oswald, at the time, was 5'9" 131 pounds.

Look at it again:

And here it is at large:

yes, that arm of Oswald is way too big. But, here's something else. Think about what Oswald was doing prior to that. Just .6 second prior to that.

OK, so Oswald, just a half second before, was clasping his hands in front, left over right. And presumably, Leavelle had his hand in his pants. But then, in just half a second, Oswald lifted his left hand up and slapped it to the top of his chest, and at the same time, he thrust his right hand forward.

So tell me: how does that not disrupt the hand in the pants? Wouldn't Oswald's hand pull it out? If Oswald's hand was handcuffed to Leavelle's by a very short chain, and Oswald thrust his hand forward, wouldn't it take Leavelle's hand with it? How could Oswald do all that without impacting Leavelle's hand? How could it remain buried in Oswald's pants? And especially when you think about the speed that was involved because .6 second before, it was like this:

Now, count off .6 second to get to this:

The whole thing is ridiculous. People are living in Never-never land. This photo is a monstrosity. It is an abomination.  It is a pictoral lie. It is a manipulation of an image but also the manipulation of the minds of the American people. Why did they ever accept this? Why didn't they study it, critically? You see that middle finger there on the trigger? Well, just rotate that 90 degrees clockwise, and that's what this picture is telling you. And that's what they've been doing to you for the last 53 years and counting. 

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