Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You, Sparta, have no right to claim that, in a bright environment, external light was required to operate 1960's movie cameras. That is ridiculous. My family owned a movie camera at that time, and we certainly didn't add light when shooting under bright conditions. 

And regarding who the shooter by the elevator with the detectives resembled, I have already demonstrated on InfoWars and elsewhere that people have no difficulty seeing what I see, that he resembled the young James Bookhout. So, time will tell whose opinions prevail and whose are called delusional. 

A cameraman could have accessed the 3rd floor by walking through the main entrance of City Hall and going to the 3rd floor. Plus, we got a look what the 3rd floor looked like later when Ruby was brought there to be questioned by Fritz. This is what it looked like:

It was nothing like this:

The above image was taken just several minutes after the shooting and right before Bookhout was released to assume his own identity. 

And with light, it became this. 

It's not even Ruby's posture.

But then again, you don't know anything about posture, do you? You don't know anything about anything. You can see at a glance how much shorter and rounder and wider the face of the Shooter was. 

And Amy Joyce has admitted to me that James Bookhout is the leading contender to be the Garage Shooter- and the only contender so far. So, she's close. She is a lot closer to my position than she is to yours. And I get plenty of Likes on Facebook for the posts I do on this. I get a lot of support. Eager, enthusiastic support. And, it's only going to grow over time. For you, only more failure and disappointment are coming. So, get used to it.  

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