Thursday, August 17, 2017

Imagine how an opposing lawyer would have cross-examined Bookhout.

Attorney: Mr. Bookhout, you claim that instead of observing the jail transfer, you chose to remain in Captain Fritz' office. Why? What did you have to do there?

Bookhout: I had some paperwork to do.

Attorney: Paperwork? Could you be more specific?

Bookhout: Paperwork pertaining to the investigation.

Attorney: I see. It couldn't wait? The jail transfer was supposed to consist of Oswald being walked to a car and driven away. So, without incident, how long would that have taken?

Bookhout: I wouldn't know. 

Attorney: The distance was 20 yards, and you know how long it takes to get into a car. Don't you think it could have been done in say, one minute? 

Boohout: Perhaps.  

Attorney: Is it fair to say that you just weren't interested in watching the jail transfer?

Bookhout: That's right. 

Attorney: But, you knew that threats had been coming in against Oswald and that Dallas Police were very concerned about it and were on high-alert about it, right?

Bookhout: Yes.

Attorney: So, with so much concern, why didn't you want to see how it unfolded?

Bookhout: Like I said: I had paperwork to do, and I really didn't think Oswald was going to be attacked in a police garage. 

Attorney: Then you say that there was an announcement over the intercom for all homicide detectives to report to the jail office. Do you recall who made that announcement? Or on whose behalf? Was it officially from Captain Fritz?

Bookhout: I don't recall. 

Attorney: And then you said that you learned from Lt. Baker that Oswald had been shot, so you proceeded down to the basement. What was your reaction when you heard that Oswald had been shot?

Bookhout: I was shocked and appalled. 

Attorney: I see. So, you went down to the basement. Did you see Oswald?

Bookhout: He was lying on the floor, and I saw him there. 

Attorney: And then when the ambulance attendants came in, you followed them when they rolled Oswald's stretcher out to the garage, didn't you?

Bookhout: Yes, I did.

Attorney: Why didn't you go to Parkland Hospital?

Bookhout: I didn't see any need.

Attorney: But, you just said you were shocked and appalled that he got shot. So, weren't you interested in the outcome? Whether he was going to live or die?

Bookhout: Of course.

Attorney: Then, why didn't you go? More paperwork? What did you do instead?

Bookhout: I conferred with witnesses about what happened. There were plenty who didn't go. 

Attorney: But, many did. Did anyone invite you to ride to the hospital with him?  

Bookhout: Not that I recall.

Attorney: But, you had no inkling to go to the hospital?  I'm asking because it seems like you were very interested in following Oswald everywhere until then. And having conversed with him and interacted with him and gotten to know him better than anybody, it really seems like you would have wanted to go.

Bookhout: Well, I didn't.
Attorney: I see. No more questions.  


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