Saturday, August 26, 2017

I have also done a collage attempting to duplicate the left hand from Beers. I couldn't get the angle quite right, but this will do.

Notice on me that my pinkie is indeed shorter than my other fingers. And notice that I only have 4 fingers whereas he has 5. His hand is TOO WIDE. You see his pinkie with the ring on it. There is room there for 4 fingers beyond that. The thumb is out of the picture. The thumb is no part of it. And neither Ruby nor Bookhout had 5 fingers plus a thumb. Very few people do. 

But frankly, what I think is a bigger question, from having done this is: WHY, IN THE NAME OF THE IMMACULATE MOTHER OF GOD, WOULD ANYONE SHOOT SOMEBODY AND DO THAT WITH HIS LEFT HAND?

Imagine: You've got a gun in your right. You're pointing it at somebody, with your finger on the trigger. You are about to fire it. Would you be doing that with your left hand? 

There is an absence of mind here in all this. This isn't about mind. It isn't about thinking. It is about ORWELLIAN ACCEPTANCE. You believe it because you are told to believe it.

The left hand in Beers and the left hand in Jackson are both altered, falsified, bogus images. And so much more is bogus, particularly in Jackson. It's no wonder that the Beers photo hit the wires before the Jackson photo did because they had so much more to alter in Jackson. 

Amy Joyce found out that some of the attendees in the garage had their statements made for them, composed for them. Hmmm. Well, if they were composing statements, don't you think they were also composing photos? I'd be willing to bet that all photographic images were confiscated for review before they could be published. And they altered them. Oh, were they busy altering them.  

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