Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This is the NBC footage of the Oswald shooting:


A few observations: The report of the gun is very weak and muffled. It sounds more like a pop gun. 

Then, you can hear Tom Petit say that Oswald "reached for his stomach, doubled-up."  

Then, he talked to another guy who said that Oswald "reached for his side and fell to the ground." 

Someone added, "He did grab his stomach. I saw that right from the start." 

These are not descriptions of an arm being slapped to the chest.  No one would describe chest-slapping in that manner. No one is even used to seeing chest-slapping, so if they saw it, they would describe it precisely as an unusual action. They might even say something like, "He did a weird thing; after being shot, he slapped his arm to his chest."  

Next came the French guy who kept saying over and over that he saw the flash against the black sweater.

Then, the ambulance came, and after it left, Petit described what happened again: "Oswald grabbed for his midsection and fell to the floor." But, that is not what happened. What happened is that Oswald cringed forward and looked like he was going to fall. But then, he veered back. And then he went up on his toes like a ballerina. And then he went straight down- like a freight elevator at the TSBD. That's what we see happen in the KRLD film, and it is not in dispute. 

During this post-shooting period, there was absolutely no mention of Jack Ruby. One reporter described the shooter as "stocky and strong." A cop told Petit that the shooter was "known locally." And then Petit interviewed Officer Patrick Dean, who was in uniform, and he admitted that he knew who the shooter was, but he refused to give the name. 

Oswald did NOT slap his arm to his chest as seen in the Jackson photo, and there are multiple reasons to reject that he did, starting with the unlikelihood that he would. Why would anyone do that in that situation? When has anyone done it? How could anyone so injured do it? Just falling down is all Oswald should have been able to do. Then, there is the fact that there was no time to do it. Then there is the fact that nobody saw him do it. Then there is the fact that it doesn't appear in any of the films. Then there is the fact that the arm and hand doing it in the Jackson photo are obviously not his. Oswald didn't have a big humongous hand like we see there. And besides being big and humongous, it is also a freak hand. It is, in fact, two hands, where the thumb is a right thumb, and the fingers are left fingers- all 3 of them. It's fake. It was created in the photo lab. And the reason they created it is because the whole official story of what happened is fake. It is a lie. 

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