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Dr Cinque

I am an avid reader re the assassination.  I was 12 at the time.  Somehow I think it is the most significant event during my lifetime.  I have read many many books on this.  

I am struggling with some of your comments on online blogs I have been reading.  In particular on 2/20/15 you backed away from suspecting it is William Shelley in the film of Oswald leafletting in front of the Trade Mart on 8/16/63. You state you were wrong and believe it is "absolutely" Thomas Beckham.  

Is that still your belief?  The images I have seen of Beckham make me strongly think it is not him.  Besides all of the reasons you originally stated, his thick brows and shape of the head all seem to support it being Shelley.  A blog I found also raises questions re Beckham's believability when he self ID'd it as him in the film.  Questions also raised re Joan Mellon accepting Beckham's statement ( I have not read her book).  

If you still buy it is Beckham, I would be very interested in knowing why?  I agree with your original position it is Shelley which would be BIG and indeed just as explosive as your extensively researched "doorman" position.  In fact, I would recommend you do just as extensive a work up as you did with doorman.  

Thank you in advance for any response.  


Ralph Cinque: 

Yes, I am very sure that it's Beckham at the Trade Mart with Oswald. It's confusing because Beckham's looks changed. He got heavy, even fat in the face, while he was very thin and gaunt in 1963. It was when I came upon this image of him that I realized that he was the guy at the Trade Mart. 

Another consideration is that the guy at the Trade Mart looks very young, like early 20s, and Bill Shelley was in his mid-30s in 1963.

Notice that Shelley on the right had a longer forehead. And he looks a good 10 years older than the guy at the Trade Mart. Besides, what would they have needed to involve Bill Shelley in the goings-on down in New Orleans? They had other people for that. Linking the TSBD with the New Orleans chapter was not something they would have done.  Bill Shelley had his role to play, which was to frame Oswald for shooting Kennedy. I also think it's likely that Shelley ordered Oswald to go to the lunch room, and I mean right there in the doorway.  And there may even have been a bit of a commotion about it. Why else would Dave Wiegman have done his famous second pan of the doorway? Something happened there which distracted him, caught his attention. 

So, Shelley was in on it. He was CIA, and the whole company (the TSBD) was CIA. It was a CIA front company which under the guise of distributing school books, carried on espionage and gun-running and other things. Then, their whole focus became the assassination. They moved into the 411 Elm Street building that summer even though it was way bigger than what they needed precisely to set up Oswald. Their ridiculous book business was just a cover. Who would operate a legitimate book distributorship this way? 

 How could one "mailer" Troy West, who was wrapping a few books at a time, handle the kind of volume that could generate enough revenue to pay 75 employees?

In his testimony, Troy West actually started saying that he worked in another building. But, that quickly got ignored. There was no designation of a shipping room at the TSBD. It was just a front; just a cover. 

Look at the height of this stack. Who would do that? Stack boxes of books that high?

And how did they do it? We never saw any forklifts. What if the book that Buell needed was in the top box? How was he supposed to get it?

The whole book distributing operation was just a cover. Read William Weston:

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