Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Big progress today. Janet Boschock Hurley, who was previously a skeptic, has admitted that the "hand" slapped to the chest in the Jackson photo is actually two hands, with two wrists and two sleeves, and a right thumb pressed against the fingers of a left hand.
So, it's a fake image. Oswald wasn't posed that way. It was something that was done in the photo lab. But, think about the implications of it. If they were faking images of Oswald after the shooting, then obviously, their story must be a lie. If it wasn't a lie, then they wouldn't have to fake anything.
So, the very existence of this weird, monster hand in the Jackson photo is a smoking gun. It establishes that the official story of the Oswald shooting must be a lie.
And note that so far, two adversaries have attempted to duplicate the hand in the Jackson photo by posing their own hand, and they both failed miserably. Neither could get the thumb facing the camera the way it does in the Jackson photo. And no one ever will because you can't get a left thumb to do that. It won't turn that much. The mechanics of the joints don't allow it. It really is a right thumb that we are seeing there in that photo. And that means that the whole hand is fake. And that means the whole photo is fake, as in full of fake stuff. And that means that the whole account of what happened, the whole official story is fake.

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