Saturday, August 12, 2017

At the Ruby trial, it was testified that Oswald was handcuffed to himself, but we know that is not true because in the Jackson photo, you can see his wrists spread far apart, and there is no cuff on his left wrist. In fact, look above. Can you, or you can you not, see that there is no cuff on Oswald's left wrist? So, he was NOT handcuffed to himself, despite testimony to the contrary. So, now the question is: was he handcuffed to Leavelle. Well look above again. Notice that Oswald has got both hands center, and he's clasping his hands left over right, which was his habit. He did it lots of times, including in the doorway. But, would he do it in this case when moving his right arm center meant dragging Leavelle's hand along too? Wouldn't he want to keep Leavelle's hand as far away from him as possible? So, I would think that, in this case, Oswald would have forgone his habitual clasp in order to let his hand and Leavelle's hand remain neutral. And you can see how fake that looks. The whole "hand in the pants" thing was faked. It did NOT happen. 

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