Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now, Sparta has taken Oswald's hand from the clenched fist image, and he's rotated it and put it alongside the hand in the Jackson photo. He says it's a match. What a complete, total incompetent. 

Alright, so now that we see how he derived it, we will remove the bottom image. I'll count the disparities between these two hands.
1) size of the thumbs: normal on the right and humongous on the left
2) shape of the wrist: normal horizontal on the right, and weird two-shape, with the horizontal and then a crescent on the left, as if he's got two wrists there, and he does
3)number of fingers: 5 on the right (we can see index, middle, ring, and pinkie, in addition to the thumb, which makes 5. On the left, there is the humongous thumb and 3 fingers totalling 4)
4) on the left the thumbnail is facing us, as if turned counterclockwise, which it cannot do. So, it must be a right thumb. On the right, the thumbnail is facing away from the fingers and in profile to us. We are seeing it from the side. The flat face of the thumb that we see in the Jackson photo is an anatomical and biomechanical impossibility. A left thumb could not move like that.

The idea that these two hands match is a display of gross incompetence, gross obtuseness, and gross denial of reality. It is an outrage that Sparta considers these images to be corresponding. That hand on the right proves the falseness and grotesqueness of the hand in the Jackson photo. 

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