Monday, August 14, 2017

This is K10 from the KRLD Phenix film, and it is a smoking gun, and I don't mean Bookhout's.  Oswald has been shot. You can see him reacting. You can see that he is in pain. And that means the blast went off. But, Fritz is not reacting to it. Do you understand that if you weren't expecting it, the startle would be immediate? We'd see the startle on his face. How could that be going on behind Fritz without him reacting? And even Leavelle, he appears to be looking at the shooter, but he isn't reacting either. There is no startle on his face. And recall that he said that, with his hands in Oswald's pants, he "jerked" him around and twisted him. Well, as you can see, Oswald is not twisted. Oswald is pointed straight ahead. 

Oswald has been shot, and he is reacting to it. That means a certain fraction of a second has already passed since the shot. How much time do you think has passed? Don't you think it would take .3 second for Oswald to make that face, which he wasn't making before he was shot? If so, then what we should be seeing here is the Jackson photo- if the Jackson photo was real. But right now, just hone in on the fact that there is a cataclysm going on behind Will Fritz there, and he is not reacting to it the least bit. This was a Dallas PD/FBI operation, and the star of it was not Jack Ruby. The star of it was James Bookhout. 

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