Monday, August 14, 2017

So, here is Fritz. The shot has already been fired. The noise has blasted. And the scuffle is underway. Yet, no reaction from Fritz.

Finally, Fritz reacts.

Carmen Datchuk The worst actor of them all was Capt Fritz......Just look at the way he turned around after the gunshot.A high-school kid in a 9th grade play could have done better job of acting surprised or startled
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Ralph Cinque Thank you for that, Carmen. Very true. Fritz was a bad actor.
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Carmen Datchuk I've watched it hundreds of times in past 35 + years Ralph.....It's stunning to me that , really, hardly any one of the serious JFK researchers and authors of books have mentioned the obvious fake reaction of Capt Fritz
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12 mins
Ralph Cinque And let me add, Carmen, that if Fritz was acting, if he was faking surprise, then he knew it was going to go down. And there is no way that is possible if the shooter was Jack Ruby because Jack Ruby didn't even know that it was going to go down. So, how could Ruby tell Fritz? And just as fake is LC Graves not seeing the shooter as he brushes past him, and I mean crossing directly in front of him. And yet, Graves did not react until AFTER the shot was fired. So, the Dallas Police were in on it, but they could not have been in on it with Ruby. They could be in on it with James Bookhout, who was the FBI liaison to the Dallas Police, but not with Jack Ruby.

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