Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Wizard pointed out to me that besides this version of Ruby at the Midnight Press Conference, in which he looks young:

there is also this version in which he looks about 10 years older:

So, you can that, rather than having smooth skin, he's got a visible bag under his right eye on the right, and his whole face looks mottled and coarser. Notice the difference in the aspect ratio, and yes, I know what it is, Backes: it's the ratio between height and width. On the right, it's adjusted for more width and less height, and on the left, just the opposite. So, his face is wider and shorter on the right, and longer and narrower on the left.

But, it's only one image, so why does it exist in different forms? But note that in both images, the suit is very dark, in contrast to the light suit seen on "Ruby" earlier at the DPD, and his hair looks like it has good coverage, in contrast to the much balder look of the earlier Ruby.

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