Wednesday, August 16, 2017

John Daley I have said this previously and I am going to say this again. What is the purpose? To me it is almost like a game. Oswald did not kill Kennedy, now what? Is there going to be an attempt to organize to bring the culprits to justice?
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Ralph Cinque The killers are mostly all dead. I can think of only one major one who is still living. But, the suppressors of JFK truth, the ones who have been lying to us for 53 years, and that includes the government and the mainstream media, number in the thousands. The widespread public recognition of JFK truth- that both Oswald and Ruby were innocent- would cause an upheaval in the very structure and foundation of our society. The legitimacy of the government and the credibility of the media would be on the line, and it's hard to imagine that radical change would not follow. That's because they are not going to have a talking point for this. They are not going to have an excuse. They are not going to have a way out. The next series of lies about it would fall flat. The widespread recognition of JFK truth would lay bare the corruption that goes to the very heart of the system. I don't claim to know what would happen, but what we are talking about is the exposure that government and media have been systematically lying to us for over half a century. The most drastic thing that could happen is the collapse of the federal government. But, keep in mind that the federal government could collapse for other reasons, such as bankruptcy, and if that happened, then the revelation of JFK truth would be accelerated. And, we do have an historical model of what I am talking about: the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the USSR collapsed, its State lies collapsed with it: for instance, the fact that the Bolsheviks slaughtered the Romanov family (Nicholas and Alexandra and their children) and also that the Soviets committed the Katyn Forest massacre in Poland during WW2, not the Nazis. And, you should remember that when the Soviet Union died, it didn't come back. It wasn't replaced by anything. Also realize that there is kind-of a race going on as to whether JFK truth or 911 truth is going to come to the forefront first. They are not really competing, but either could topple the system as we know it. I don't know which is going to happen first, but one would usher in the other, and they may both happen simultaneously. But, the point is that it's not going to be business as usual afterwards. It would shake up the system, and that's putting it mildly. And that is also why they are fighting it so hard, and believe me, they are fighting it hard- with everything they've got.

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