Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Wizard sent me this, the Atsuzuki Sassa photo of the Oswald shooting. It's a still photo, so the 4th that we know of, the other three being Johnston, Beers, and Jackson. 

So, the shot has already been fired since Oswald displays a tormented face. So, some fraction of a second has already passed, yet we are supposed to believe that just .3 second after the shot, it evolved to this:

But, going back to Sassa:
How do you figure Graves doesn't see Ruby until after the shot? How could Graves not see him coming in? Do you now see things that are directly in front of you? Well, the shooter was directly in front of Graves, crossing directly in front of him. 

People: the Dallas Police were in on it. It was their spectacle. Leavelle, Graves, and the others; they were all in on it. And they knew very well that the shooter was James Bookhout, and they did everything they could to protect him, that is, cover him up and get him out of there. 

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