Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What do my adversaries say about the lack of official images of James Bookhout? By "official" I mean officially recognized. Of course, I and my associates have found quite a few, but officially, there are none.  

So, how could there be none when this guy was like Oswald's shadow, following him around everywhere? How could there be so many images of Boyd and Sims leading Oswald around, but none of Bookhout? He attended every interrogation. He followed Oswald to his lineups. And James Bookhout was a ubiquitous presence that whole weekend. Yet, he avoided being photographed, not even once? 

And then after that he avoided being photographed- for the rest of his life. Not even his obituary contained a photo of him. And you know that only happened because he ordered it so. His wife had a photo in her obituary but not him. 

I have come to think that the most important image we have proving that Bookhout was the Garage Shooter is this one:

Here's why: First, the image on the right is the only facial image of the Garage Shooter, and it is not disputed that that was the Garage Shooter. Second, the image on the left is the latest image of James Bookhout that we have, even though it was 26 years before. Note that the eyebrows in that image are impossible, that is, it is impossible for anyone's eyebrows to be like that. So, that's an alteration. But nevertheless, it surpasses the threshold of them being the same guy separated by 26 years of time. The match is as good as this one:
 So, it is not in doubt that this is James Bookhout on the left, and it is not in doubt that this is the Garage Shooter on the right:
So, all that's left is how impressive the match is, and the answer is: very impressive. Not only do the features match, but even the head carriage is exactly the same. It's uncannily the same. And the idea that young James Bookhout looked that much like Jack Ruby is preposterous. I have no doubt that a forensic anthropologist would confirm that they are the same person. And remember, there is only one person on Earth who it could otherwise be.
Do you see how that fails to register as the same person but that this one does?

And let's try it with Jack Ruby from when he was young. So, which matches better? This?

Or this?


Or this?

Can't you see how the eyes, the stare, the nose, the carriage of the head, the shape of the face (realizing that he gained weight over the years), the length of the neck, are all a perfect match?

It has to be one or the other, and there really is no comparison; the image of Young Bookhout matches much better than the image of Young Ruby.

James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter and the above image proves it. And it really is the centerpiece of the case for Bookhout. That is an uncanny likeness. 

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