Thursday, August 31, 2017

The plat of the 1st floor of the TSBD does NOT show that there was a shipping room.

I realize that you can't make out that small print, but I assure you that none of it says anything about a shipping room. And when Troy West, the "mailer" testified, he claimed to work in another building.

Mr. BELIN - What do you do for the Texas School Book Depository? 
Mr. WEST - Well, I am a mail wrapper. 
Mr. BELIN - You are a mail wrapper? 
Mr. WEST - I wrap mail all the time. 
Mr. BELIN - Were you doing that on November 22nd of 1963 too? Were you a mail wrapper at that time back in last November? 
Mr. WEST - Yes, sir. 
Mr. BELIN - Did you go to work on November 22, 1963? That was a Friday, the day the President was assassinated. 
Mr. WEST - Yes; I went to work that day. 
Mr. BELIN - What time did you get to work? 
Mr. WEST - Well, we always get to work - we are supposed to be there at 8 in the morning. 
Mr. BELIN - You got there at 8 that morning? 
Mr. WEST - Yes, I always, most of the time I got there a little early. 
Mr. BELIN - Do you remember what time you got to work that particular morning? 
Mr. WEST - It was about 10 minutes to 8. I always be 5 or 10 minutes early. 
Mr. BELIN - Where did you go when you got to work? 
Mr. WEST - Well, When I first got to work I always made coffee in the morning at the store. This is the first thing I do in the morning. 
Mr. BELIN - Where did you make the coffee? 
Mr. WEST - Sir? 
Mr. BELIN - Where did you make the coffee? 
Mr. WEST - Well, it is down on the first floor in the same department where I wrap mail at. 
Mr. BELIN - Well I have a first floor map here of the Texas School Book Depository. Here is Elm Street and here is the front entrance. Here is Mr. Truly's office, and Here is Mr. Shelley's office. There is the stairway down to the basement, and there are the elevators and the back stairway. There are the toilets there. About where would you wrap mail there? Here is the Domino room and the shower. You are looking here, that is north Elm Street runs this way and Houston Street runs that way. It is shown on the diagram. 
Mr. WEST - Well, my place was in the west side of the other building. 

What part of "other building" did David Belin have trouble understanding? But, Belin just ignored it and kept going as if Troy West didn't say it. 

So, we are left with a plat that shows no shipping room, and a shipper who said he didn't ship there.  So, what are we to believe? That the shipping was done not within a room but in the open space of the first floor? But, Troy said that he used a string tying machine, which probably referred to a Bunn string typing machine, which are loud and noisy and were probably louder and noisier then.  

So, they had that going on in the open space of the 1st floor all day long? Why would they operate like that? Why wouldn't they put that inside a room? 

And if it the shipping operation was all out in the open, then how, on Thursday afternoon, could Oswald have been busy constructing a bag for himself without being seen?

And how, with paper and tape, could he possibly produce a bag this good?

What if somebody gave you some paper and tape? Do you think you could come up with a bag that good? One that solid, that cohered? So, you think Oswald made that on Thursday afternoon right out in the open on the 1st floor and nobody saw him? And then you think that he had that bag with him at quitting time and traveled with it to Irving in Frazier's car, and Frazier didn't notice it? (Frazier said nothing about seeing a bag on Thursday). So, what do you suppose Oswald did with it? Hid it in his pants? But, why would he do such a thing if he knew that Frazier was going to see the bag on Friday morning anyway? Why hide it on Thursday if it's going to be out in the open and stuffed with a rifle on Friday? And how did Mariana and Ruth not see the bag the evening that he was at their house? And Frazier said that the bag that he saw was held between Oswald's armpit and his outstretched hand. Well, you can see how much longer that bag is than that, towering way above Officer Montgomery's head. He has his arm bent, yes, but even if he straightened his arm, it would still go way above his head. So, how could Oswald get it in his armpit? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. There is no way that that is Oswald's bag. And if it's not Oswald's bag, it means that it's a planted bag. And if it's a planted bag, then it means that Oswald was being framed. And if he was being framed, then he must have been innocent.

So, you see: even the bag gets him off.  The story of the bag alone is more than enough to create reasonable doubt. 

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