Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There are two ways you can tell that this is two hands and not one. First, you can't get your thumbnail to show that much if it's all one left hand. You can't twist the thumb that much. Try it yourself right now and see. See if you can turn your left thumb that much to expose the nail to the camera. And remember where the camera is. You can't do it. And then, look at the wrist area and that weird geometry. How could that be all one wrist? It's not. It's two wrists. And, the first one to see it was Army and Police sharpshooter Craig Roberts, who is a senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign.
Look what happened when others tried to duplicate it, starting with this one by the criminal bpete. I would describe the thumbnail here as facing the ceiling. It is not turned like in the Jackson photo. It is IMPOSSIBLE to turn the left thumb to what we see in the Jackson photo. You hear me, criminal? And note that he doesn't even have the thumb flat against the chest. Look at the space. 
And his arm isn't even going up diagonally. His forearm is going almost straight across. His elbow is much higher than in the Jackson photo. You know it's not down like this:
So, that was just a total cheat, but the point is that he still failed. He could NOT duplicate the hand in the Jackson photo or come close to it. Then, there's Sparta's entry:
It's amazing that he had the nerve to submit this when it's obvious that he has four finger knuckles prominently protruding, while the Jackson photo only has three. And his thumb is facing sideways; we are seeing it in profile; while the Jackson photo has it turned towards us. So, why didn't Sparta turn his thumb more? Because he couldn't, and you can't either. No one can. That is NOT a left thumb in the Jackson photo; it is a right thumb. The image displays two hands and two wrists. And the reason why the shape of the wrists is different (one straight, and the other half-moon) is because the right hand with the thumb showing is rotated left, meaning counter-clockwise; towards us. There are two hands there clasped together. And that's why you've got that weird straight-across and then a half-moon, with a sharp point at the junction. It's not one wrist; it is two.   

I'm telling you that those who deny this are just God-damn bloodied Kennedy-killers and Oswald-killers. It isn't even debatable. Do you get it that nobody has gotten close to duplicating that hand, and no will ever in a million years get close to duplicating it?  IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

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