Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amy Joyce: 

When LHO was arrested, Officer McDonald said that LHO was attempting to fire his gun at him but that it jammed because McDonald grabbed at it.  

Graves gives similar testimony about Jack Ruby at JR's trial.  He claimed that Ruby kept trying to fire the gun at Oswald after LHO had already been struck once, but that he [Graves] grabbed the barrel and prevented other shots.  

Hogwash!  Lie, lie, lie!  

We can see in the Jackson photo and the fake Newsreel that Graves was lying.  In both Graves still has his hand around Oswald's arm!  It's clear as sunshine.  The shooter was NOT trying to keep firing the gun.  

Here's the key:  The photo depicts "Ruby" in shooting position and with the gun still pointed at Oswald's midsection. If shooter had wanted to fire again at him, the Jackson photo proves that Oswald would have been shot again for sure.  Graves prevented nothing.  If they bothered to look they would have seen this at the time.

This reminds me of the stories of corrupt police putting a gun in an innocent man's hand postmortem - after they murder him. 

What's more are the lies of Officer McMillon.  His original police report says absolutely nothing about JR saying (after the arrest) that he wanted to fire three shots at Oswald.  All of the police reports were detailed to describe anything the suspect had said before, during, and after the shooting. There was nothing in McMillon's first report that said JR made that claim, yet he remembers other little things said during the supposed same Q/A. 

Low and behold, McMillion testifies that Ruby had told him that he intended to get three shots off!  Months later his story changes.  

Also, McMillon wrote out his first report in longhand.  It was written the day of the shooting, was several pages long, and quite descriptive.  

A second report dated a week later says that he had forgotten to mention a few things in his first report.  It states that JR said that he (the shooter) thought he could get at least 3 shots off at Oswald.  Get this:  The second report wasn't written by McMillon and it wasn't signed by McMillon either! 

They wanted Jack Ruby to get the death penalty so they made him appear as if he was acting out in malice and pre-meditated murder.  They said he "thought" he could get off three shots.  Lots of other lies too!

Here's what I think:  They wanted a real pretty picture (and made a film of it too - the newsreel) of the shooter that was trying to continue to shoot at Oswald after he had already been initially struck; so they choreographed a photo depicting that!  They put in the thumb monstrosity to try and make it appear obvious.  They also wanted it plainly obvious that LHO had been struck once already, so they got the photo of him in looking like he was already in complete anguish.  I was wondering why they would fake the photo. Now we know!

Ralph Cinque: 

Amy, there is NOTHING real about the Jackson photo. The arm with the humongous hand slapped to the chest isn't real; it didn't happen. Leavelle's "hand in the pants" isn't real; it didn't happen. Even Oswald being twisted like that didn't happen. Oswald cringed forward. Then he veered back. Then he went up on his toes. And then he went straight down like a freight elevator at the TSBD. That's what happened. This did not happen:

So, how they came up with that picture, I don't honestly know. This whole thing may be darker and more Machiavellian than even I have realized to date. 

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