Thursday, August 31, 2017

Amy Joyce has made yet another great find. It turns out there is a difference between the hat we see in the Jackson photo and the one shown at Jack Ruby's trial. See if you can see what it is:

In the Jackson photo, the vertical stripe at the center of the decorative bow on the hat is the same color as the hat, while in the trial photo, the vertical stripe is the same color as the rest of the wraparound, which is black. It's a small difference and one that many would have and did miss. But, smallness has no say; it is very decisive. 

So, what accounts for it? I suspect that we are seeing in the Jackson photo is photoshopping. And I realize that Photoshop didn't exist in 1963; I am using the term generically. They used whatever methods were available. It really is quite ridiculous to think that the stripe would be a different color than the rest of the bow. Somebody just got carried away touching up the Jackson photo.

But, do you still think that it's something that Robert Jackson developed himself and put on the wire? If you do, you are being awfully naive. At this point in time, he may really believe the story he tells. At this point in time, Jim Leavelle may really believe the story he tells. At this point in time, O.J. Simpson may really believe the story he tells. That's why I really need to sit down with Bob Jackson and show him the numerous incongruities and impossibilities in his photo, starting with that ridiculous, humongous right thumb pressed to a left hand with only 3 fingers. 

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